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Smart Structures and Systems (SSS)


A reliable, accurate, feasible, intelligent and robust product can be achieved by applying automated mechanization that being supported by smart sensors, actuators and control system. Thus, the Smart Structure and System (SSS) research group was established to conduct researches that relate to design and develop embedded system that can be utilized to fabricate automated and intelligent product either for household or industrial applications. The key research interest for this research group are the embedded system and microelectromechanical system (MEMS), smart sensors and actuators, industrial automation, mobile and biomimetic robotics as well as transportation system. Besides, this research group also provides training and consultation services for engineers or technoprenuers who are seeking for innovative solutions for their product development. There are few laboratories in Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (FKMP), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) that affiliate with this research group such as the Industrial Automation Laboratory and Manufacturing Simulation Laboratory.


  1. Embedded System Engineering and MEMS
  2. Smart structures (sensors and actuators)
  3. Industrial Automation
  4. Mobile and biomimetic robots
  5. Public Transportation system


  1. Smart system for transportation system, household and industrial products.
  2. Biotechnology, agricultural and food processing and packaging machineries.
  3. Biomimetic robots for surveillance, cleaning and Search and Rescue (SAR) operation.
  4. Smart actuators and sensors.


  1. Design and fabricate automated machineries for SMEs.
  2. Develop transportation and industrial logistic system.
  3. Design, fabricate, characterize and validate smart sensors and actuators for instrumentation purpose.
  4. Utilization of robot in SAR operation.
  5. Provide training and consultations service regarding mechanization and automation of machineries.
  6. Provide consultations service regarding setting up flexible manufacturing shop floor or laboratories.


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